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One of the key objectives of the DRC government's Strategic Plan for Family Planning 2014-2020 is to increase government engagement in family planning, including line-item allocations to fund the purchase of contraceptives within the government's internal budget. Specifically, objective 1.2 relates to national and provincial-level budgeting for contraceptives, which the government included in its document, accompanying the Strategic Plan, Results to Attain in 2014. Previously, little financial commitment was made on the part of the central government, and there was no specific plan for how the government would provide FP methods, which have historically been heavily provided by donors and outside organizations. However, there has been recent progress on this front as the government takes concrete steps towards its objectives. Most recently, this progress took the form of the purchase and delivery of a wide variety of contraceptive products to be distributed across the country.

Contraceptives purchased through funds from the DRC government have arrived and were delivered to PNSR on 7th of July 2015. The Congolese government allocated $300,000 USD to purchase a total of 277,160 contraceptives, including costs of transport. These include oral-contraceptives, progestin injections, feminine condoms, IUDs, and cyclebeads. The contraceptives were planned to be distributed among three provinces: Kinshasa (150,730), Kongo-Central (63,215), and Bandundu (63,215). A detailed table of the distribution plan is located below. The first lot has already been received, while the government is waiting for a second lot of products to arrive in-country.

An official ceremony marked the arrival and the start of distribution of the first lot of contraceptive products from Kinshasa to the provinces. The event included stakeholders from PNSR and the staff of partner organizations. Photos of this event are below.

Distribution Plan of Government Purchased Contraceptives
Type Kinshasa K. Central Bandundu Total
MYCROGINON (CYCLE) 47,520 23,760 23,760 95,040
MYCROLUT (CYCLE) 23,760 11,880 11,880 47,520
NORLEVO (1 TAB/BOX) 1200 1200 1200 3600
DEPO PROVERA (VIAL) 43,500 43,500 7250 58,000
FEM. CONDOM (PIECE) 13,000 10,000 10,000 33,000
IUD (PIECE) 5250 875 875 7000
CYCLEBEADS (PIECE) 16,500 8,250 8250 33,000
Total 150,730 63,215 63,215 277,160
Commitment Current Stage Challenges Faced
The government included family planning among the 6 high impact priority interventions in the context of accelerating MDGs 4 and 5 In progress: The framework for the acceleration of MDGs 4 & 5 through FP as a high-impact priority intervention is in the course of being popularized
An official declaration was made in favor of FP. Complete: The Congolese government made an official statement in favor of the PF at the International Conference on Family Planning held in 2013 in Addis Ababa
As part of its health service capital project (PESS), the government promised to disburse $300,000 for the purchase of contraceptives Complete: The government disbursed in 2013 the amount of $300,000 for the purchase of contraceptives
The government has promised to disburse an amount of $ 1200000 for the second purchase of contraceptives Incomplete: The funds are not yet disbursed. The governmnet’s precondition for disbursement of $1200000 is the actual arrival of the first batch of purchased contraceptives
The prime minister pledged to sponsor the 3rd Conference for repositioning FP in DRC Complete: The government officially hosted the 3rd Conference for Repositioning FP in Kinshasa from 3-5 December 2015.

Government commitments to FP at Addis Ababa Conference 2013