PATH’s Total Market Approach workshop


PATH hosted a training workshop on the Total Market Approach (TMA) to family planning (FP) that was held in Kinshasa from 2-4 November, 2016. This workshop, funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, was the first time that participants from all three sections of the FP market—public sector, private sector, and NGOs/social marketing— were present at the same meeting and actively collaborating on shared interests, activities, and opportunities for future engagement. Facilitated by Mr. Guy Bokongo, Dr. Babeth Katumbo and Mr. Jerry Parks, with the assistance of Dr. Fidele Mbadu, the workshop introduced participants to the concept of a Total Market Approach, defined by PATH as “leveraging the comparative advantages of all market sectors to enhance equitable and sustainable family planning across market segments with government coordination and support.” A TMA is “based on an understanding that in order to meet the diverse needs of different population segments equitably, increased attention on coordinating across sectors will be required.”

During the course of the workshop, participants collaborated in mixed groups (public, private, and non-profit sector representatives) to identify the shared goals, objectives, and activities needed for the creation of a national TMA plan that can be implemented into the work of all the attending organizations. Participants were reminded of the essential principles of a TMA—government stewardship, improved coordination and information sharing, and redistributing the market—and asked to imagine strategies that can be pursued, by both individual organizations and by the Kinshasa FP community as a whole, to ensure that their programming works towards these goals. In addition, PATH presented its 10-part advocacy strategy and worked with the assembled group to identify potential target audiences and crafted specific messages for use in advocating a TMA to potential government and private sector partners. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants agreed on a list of mechanisms to help continue the momentum for a TMA in DRC, with each participant signing a commitment pledging to maintain this interest.

In the next few weeks PATH will take the inputs from this workshop and craft a national TMA plan to be endorsed by the workshop participants, the CTMP and ultimately the Ministry of Health.

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