Demand Creation


Demand creation refers to organized activities intended to stimulate a latent interest or generate a new interest in birth spacing/limiting and in using FP services. Demand refers to the sense of desire or motivation to act.

Organizations that have played a leadership role for behavior change communication (BCC) for family planning in the DRC include:

  1. UNFPA
  2. PSI/ASF
  4. C-Change
  5. L’Association de la Conduite de la Fecondité
  6. DKT RD Congo
  7. Programme National de Santé de la Reproduction (PNSR)

To date, demand creation has comprised four types of communication promoting social marketing brands and family planning: (1) interpersonal communication/counseling (with service providers at health facilities and with friends and relatives), (2) community mobilization, (3) electronic media- mobile phones, and (4) mass and small media – radio broadcasts, TV spots, printed material, theater, and recordings.

All data for demand creation in the DRC was retrieved from the following report:
Kayembe, Patrick, Dikamba, Nelly, & Mafuta, Eric. (May 2012). Mesure de la Dynamique de Planification Familiale dans la villa de Kinshasa: Approvisionnement, Stimulation de la Demande et Couverture de l'Offre des Methodes Contraceptives.

Electronic Media Mass & Small Media
Community Mobilization Interpersonal Communication